Beechcroft Infants School


Class 1

Fruit Painting

Wellbeing Day

Maths - Tally Charts

Teamwork - Making Birds

Forest School

Aboriginal Art

Class 1 had fun on Christmas party day. We were having too much fun to take pictures during the party games, but here are some snaps of our Christmas colouring time and a special festive fashion show!

Modern Day Hospitals

We have begun learning about Florence Nightingale, one of our ‘everyday heroes’ this term. We experienced what it might have been like to be a soldier, doctor or nurse in Scutari Hospital. The children could describe why this wasn’t a pleasant place to be looked after. We then met Florence Nightingale, who taught us how we could improve the hospital so many more soldiers could get better.

Science experiment - what resources are waterproof?

Geography - We played ‘stick the capital on the country’ to support our learning in Geography. Even children who are really certain where each capital city belongs found it tricky to place their sticky tab when blindfolded and spun around!

PE - We have been developing our skills in PE through different balancing challenges. We tried partner balances, making sure that we were keeping ourselves and others safe.