Beechcroft Infants School


Class 5

Science - sunflower planting

Ball skills - PE

We have been measuring in our maths lessons

DT - woven wonders

Computing Coding

We made clay spiders in our Art lesson

PE- Static and Dynamic Balance This term in PE, we have been thinking about developing our balancing skills. We have been working on our static balance (holding a balance when still), our dynamic balance (balancing in movements) and our counter balance (working with a partner to balance). We found holding a one leg static balance tricky to start but once we realised we could use our arms and needed to keep our gaze focused on one spot, we were able to hold it for over 15 seconds. We have enjoyed developing working with partners and how we can balance together.

Science- Our Senses This term in science we have been learning all about our bodies, our body parts and our 5 senses (sense of taste, sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of sight and sense of hearing ). We have learned about the Scientist- Linda Brown Buck who discovered the odorant receptors in our noses. We enjoyed our smelling experiment, where put our noses to the test to see if we could identify the different scents. We particularly enjoyed our tasting experiment, where we tasted foods which were either, sweet, salty, bitter or sour. As a class our favourite things we tasted were the cookies (sweet) and the tortilla chips (salty).

Maths In maths we have been thinking about comparing amounts and numbers. First, we needed to know what more and less meant. Then we were able to use the comparison signs to compare amounts and numbers. We had fun learning that the greater than symbol (>) will always eat the biggest number. We remembered this by thinking that the greater than symbol looks like a crocodile and the crocodile always eats the biggest amount or the biggest number. We then came across a problem where we had two amounts that were the same so we couldn’t use our comparison signs so had to use an = sign.

Music This term in music we have been thinking about finding and keeping a steady beat. We have had a great time improvising with notes C, D and E on our Glockenspiels. We tried really hard to create a rhythm and we are learning about composing our own piece of music then performing it.

Art – Primary and Secondary Colours This term in art we have been thinking about the three Primary colours (Red, Yellow, and Blue). We have been thinking about how these colours cannot be made but these colours can be used to make other colours (Secondary colours like purple, orange and green). We have then been thinking about how these colours can be used to create a pattern. We enjoyed experimenting with two of the primary colours, blue and yellow, to make green. We noticed that we could make different shades of green by using different amounts of paint, for example if we used more yellow then blue- we would have a lighter shade of green, if we used more blue than yellow we could make a darker green. We also found out that adding a very small amount of yellow to blue would make a teal colour. We have had great fun learning and exploring primary and secondary colours.