Beechcroft Infants School


Year 1 Home Learning

Monday maths - Part 1

Monday maths -Part 2

Monday Phonics - wh

Monday Storytime - QPootle5

Weekly story - One Snowy Night

Monday Squiggle - i, l, t

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Phonics - ew

Tuesday Science - Wild Plants

Tuesday Squiggle - u

Tuesday Story - Whatever Next

Wednesday Ibn Battuta History video

Wednesday English - Sid story sentence modelling

Wednesday Squiggle - y

Wednesday Maths

Wednesday Phonics - a_e

Wednesday Story - One day on Blue Planet Antarctica

Jigsaw video week 2 Keeping clean and safe

Thursday English - Sid story sentence modelling

Forest School Week 7

Thursday Phonics - split e digraph

Thursday Squiggle- u & y

Thursday Maths

Thursday Story - The Fish who could wish

Friday Maths

Friday Phonics - Tricky Words

Friday Squiggle - u and y

Sid and the Seven Seas - Monday 22nd Feb English story

Monday Maths

Monday Phonics - ph

Year One New topic trailer

Weekly Story - Giant Jelly Jaws and the Pirates

Monday Squiggle 1 - i

Monday Storytime - Ponko and the South Pole

Tuesday English Text Map Session

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Phonics - oe

Tuesday Storytime - Lost and Found

Tuesday Science - Planting a Sunflower seed and Diary

Tuesday Squiggle Session 2 - l

Wednesday Phonic - au

Wednesday Maths

Wednesday Story - The Snail and the Whale

Wednesday Squiggle session 3 - t

Thursday Phonics - ey

Forest School Week 6

Thursday Maths

Thursday Squiggle Session 4 - i l t

Thursday English - Sentence writing

Friday Story - Man on the Moon

Friday Maths

Friday Phonic Tricky words

Friday Family Yoga - 26th Feb

Friday Story - The Pirate Cruncher

Friday Squiggle Session 5 -recap

Monday Maths

Monday Phonic video ue

Monday Story Time - Knights and Dragons Unite!

Prince Cinders weekly reading

Tuesday maths

Tuesday Science - Materials - Umbrella Investigation

Tuesday Story - Peace at Last

Wednesday Phonics - ou

Wednesday maths

Wednesday story - George and the Dragon

Thursday Phonics - aw

Thursday RE video Parts of a church

Thursday Story - George's dragon at the fire station

Thursday Maths

Friday Phonics Tricky Words

Friday Maths

Friday story time - Chinese New Year The Magic Paintbrush

Forest School Week 1

Forest School Week 2

Forest School Week 4

Forest School Week 3

Forest School Week 5

Friday Family Yoga

Friday Family Yoga

Friday 5th Family Yoga

Friday Family Yoga

Ravenous Beast

Small Knight and George and the Royal Chocolate Cake

The Great Dragon Rescue

Princess and the Pea

In the Castle

The Odd Egg Story

Where the Wild Things Are

A Dragon in the Doorstep


Story Small Knight and George

The Ugly Duckling Story

Cinder the Dragon

The Dragon Machine

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure

The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon